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The SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun that was manufactured by the Italian firearms company Franchi S.p.A. from 1979 to 2000. The SPAS-12 is a dual-mode shotgun, meaning it can be calibrated to cycle either semi-automatically or through pump-action. The SPAS-12 has sold well to military and police users around the world, well as to the civilian market.

While the cumbersome SPAS 12 died a natural death around the turn of the millennium, its cousin the LAW 12 was a prescient piece of iron indeed. I traded out of my old LAW 12 a couple decades ago but recently found another one and righted that past wrong.

Franchi SPAS-12 Shotgun Variations, Photo Gallery, Buyer’s Advice. Variations. When comparing prices, you should know there are quite a few variations which make the gun worth more or less: Folding metal stock (more) or one-piece polymer stock (less) or detachable wooden stock (more).

In September 2004 the ban expired, but Franchi had ended production of the SPAS-12 in 2000 to focus on the manufacturing of the SPAS-15 model. The SPAS-12’s factory retail price

Aug 16, 2018 · The Franchi SPAS 12 is an iconic 12 gauge shotgun and a true legend among combat firearms buffs. The Franchi SPAS 12 features a very original design and unique lines, looking much more like a M60 machine gun than what it actually is: a 12 gauge semiauto shotgun .


Replacement parts and upgrades for the Franchi SPAS 12, SPAS 15, LAW 12, SAS 12. Receiver buffers, folding stock shock absorbers. Guides, videos and more.

Check out the links below to find some great pieces of SPAS 12 history as well as user-submitted guides and information! Be sure to check out the VIDEOS section for more installation guides and other SPAS 12

Apr 15, 2011 · Price Dropped $990 Franchi SPAS 12 combat shotgun with folding stock and hook. Discussion in ‘Rifle Classifieds’ started by cyborg, Mar 13, 2011.

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Franchi SPAS-12. In September 2004 the ban expired, but Franchi had ended production of the SPAS-12 in 2000 to focus on the manufacturing of the SPAS-15 model. The SPAS-12’s factory retail price in its final year was $1500.00 USD averaged for its final sales outside the United States to

Manufacturer: Franchi

Jul 08, 2013 · If the Spas that your buddy is selling has the folding stock that locks into the rear sight, has the hook, has the two buffers, has additional choke tubes and the factory sling, I would say that the $1600 would be worth it. If not, the price would go down. During the AWB, I paid as little as $700 for a Spas 12 and as high as $1100 for one NIB.

Nov 09, 2015 · Hammer price: $1800 The Franchi SPAS-12 (Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun) is a dual-action police shotgun produced in Italy between 1979 and 2000, and imported into the US until 1994.

Oct 19, 2017 · The Franchi SPAS-12 was a semi-automatic, 12-gauge shotgun noted for its variable-mode firing method in which the weapon could be fired via a gas-operated, semi-automatic mode (featuring self-loading) or a manually-actuated, pump-action / slide-action system.

Mar 21, 2011 · G’s HD Gun Show: Shooting Franchi SPAS 12 shotgun in both pump action and semi-automatic mode. I was shooting at foldable gongs.

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The SPAS-12 is a multi-role convertible 12-gauge shotgun designed for special military and police operations. The weapon is “convertible” in that it can be fired in either a manual, pump-action mode, as well as a semiautomatic fashion. While designed around the standard pattern 12-gauge shot and

Aug 16, 2018 · Il Franchi SPAS 12 è un’arma estremamente originale e unica nelle linee e nella forma, che lo fa assomigliare più ad una mitragliatrice come la M60 che ad un fucile a canna liscia calibro 12. L’aspetto minaccioso, dominato dal copricanna forato in funzione di protezione termica e la


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Feb 01, 2000 · Collectable Luigi Franchi S.P.A., Brescia-made in Italy, SPAS 12 semi-auto or pump 12ga, heavy-duty tactical combat shotgun. Features chrome-moly steel barrel, high capacity full magazine tube (I believe it,s an 8-9rd), ghost ring sights, folding hook stock, has the early style two original safeties – hard to find unaltered.

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Replacement Parts for Your SPAS-12. with 3 comments. If you’ve been reading this site since almost the beginning you know that I’m the proud owner of a SPAS-12. It took me 13 years (my desire to have one was a result of Jurassic Park, which I first saw when I was pretty young) to obtain one but the wait was worth it. The SPAS-12 is a fun

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Jun 17, 2004 · Post subject: Spas-12 price Posted: Tue Jun 15, 2004 8:17 am I have a SPAS-12 with folding stock, I would like to have a general idea what it is worth, and if any one else out there has one?

The SPAS-12 (Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) is an Italian dual-mode shotgun that was produced by Franchi S.p.A. The SPAS-12 was designed in 1972 as a semi-automatic military or law enforcement shotgun, and production began in 1979. The gun’s main intended market was in the United States, and

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We’ve looked into some of our own data, plus the best help on the web to give you some tips on how to price your gun, where to go to get an accurate valuation, and what to do should you fina


SPAS / LAW / SAS 12 Replacement Parts by Chris February 2018 I will be making some of the parts that are no longer available, or became overpriced. In most cases these parts had a high failure rate — or you wouldn’t be needing one.

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The SPAS-12 fires 12 ga shells with a length of 2.75 inch. Semi-automatic fire is possible with full power shells. The pump-action mechanism is to be used for low powered non-lethal shells. The tubular magazine under the barrel may hold 8 shells, but loading 7 rounds increases reliability.

As a smith I prefer buying parts and assembly of stripped receivers but that is not the case with a SPAS-12. It would cost over $2000 in parts even if I did all the labor today to build one due to the extreme prices on the individual parts.

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SPAS-12’s fondness for eating and her more plump figure are likely a reference to the gun’s heavy weight (4.4 kg/9.68 lbs). SPAS-12’s artist, Terras, has posted what was apparently SPAS-12’s uniform before she became a Griffin T-Doll (see image on the gallery above).

Mar 04, 2011 · They are no longer made. I would imagine this would cause price to increase. Supply/demand. Besides, there are worthy shotguns out there other than the SPAS-12. Ithaca 37 (I believe that is made by Browning), the Remington 870, Benelli, Mossberg 500 I have an old police-style Ithaca 37 Riot Shotgun in 12-gauge.

Jan 29, 2013 · The SPAS-12 with a folding Stock and mag extension for 8+1 imported by the 2 digit date code ahead of the loading port being pre 1989 Special Purpose imported is

Apr 01, 2012 · Why is the SPAS-12 illegal in Canada? I was looking to buy a shotgun to fire down at the range, and I’ve always liked the look of the SPAS-12 (Stock up and stock down), but I’ve noticed it’s not legal for import. Is that a factor of it being a semi-automatic capable shotgun? Is it possible to have it modified to be legal?

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Sep 18, 2014 · In 2000 Franchi stopped production of the SPAS-12 models and the Factory Price for the world market besides the USA was around $1500.00 each

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spas12がイラスト付きでわかる! イタリアの銃器メーカー、ルイギ・フランキ社が開発した軍用ショットガン。 概要 イタリア・プレッシアに本拠を置く銃器メーカー、ルイギ・フランキ社がイタリア軍の主導した軍用散弾銃開発計画に沿って開発した軍用ショットガンである。

Nov 09, 2015 · Franchi SPAS-12 at RIA November 9, 2015 Ian McCollum Shotgun 23 The Franchi SPAS-12 (Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun) is a dual-action police shotgun produced in Italy between 1979 and 2000, and imported into the US until 1994.

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Lo SPAS-12 è un fucile a canna liscia calibro 12 a doppia modalità di fuoco (semi-automatica ad alta velocità/pompa) progettato e costruito in Italia dall’industria Franchi S.p.A.